Hi there, I'm Allie. I'm 24. A Nutritional Therapist in training. Classic introvert. Coffee addict. Cat lady. NSFW.
i can’t find a man

must be taller than me (i’m 5’1, so, nbd)
must work out on the reg
must have steady income
must not be threatened by women/me
must be cool with deviating from societal norms from time to time
can’t be a dickhead towards people who aren’t like them (re: an upstanding citizen/not a jerkoff)
must have cool/interesting hobbies
actually knows you suck a girl’s clit
understands, interprets, and plays along with sarcastic stories that go nowhere
has a general interest in politics/news
is man enough to realize that ‘manhood’ is a ridiculous concept
must be nerdy in some fashion (re: a unique, cult-like interest)
must not make getting black out drunk a weekly habit (re: no alcoholics/drug addicts)
(but 420 friendly is cool)
must be a chronic tea and/or coffee drinker
must be generally interested in doing fun, new, life enriching things on a semi-reg basis
must like to see new places and get lost occasionally
must like to eat good things that aren’t in boxes or bags (re: real food)
must want a longterm thing